Clever Storage Ideas to Create Space in Your Apartment

Apartments are pretty much by their very nature small, but there are some ways you can maximize your space. From buying the right kind of furnishings and fixtures to really using all of the available storage you can maximize the space in your new home.

Purge as you Move

If possible, get rid of clutter and extra or duplicate items before you move. Regularly sweeping through your home and seeking out clutter and unneeded items can help you make the most of your space as well. If you have an item you don’t love, use or find beautiful, you may not need to keep it in your home at all; getting rid of it can help clear up extra space.

Think Vertically

Use the vertical space in your home to store items. From hanging pieces from the ceiling in your storage space to installing shelves and wall units, making use of vertical space allows you to store items without sacrificing floor space. This works for both storing and displaying items, so make sure you are truly using every square foot of your home.

Use Furniture with extra Storage Space

From ottomans with built in storage to classic armoires and entertainment stations, choose home furnishings that maximize your storage space and that can neatly hide away a variety of items.


Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Use the Dead Space Below

If you have a double or queen (or larger) bed, there is plenty of space available directly below you as you sleep. If this space is just gathering dust bunnies, it is wasted – flat, rolling storage bins can slide right underneath and hold everything from your shoe collection to out of season clothing.

Remove Closet Doors

You can extend the look of a room by removing the closet doors; most apartment doors come off of the track very easily. You can use the resulting space for a variety of purposes and it will help visually expand the room.

Hook It

If you are worried about your security deposit and installing wall fixtures with nails, using command hooks can help you maximize your space and hang everything from your broom and dustpan to jewelry items and bathroom essentials.

Josh Holman
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